Now this is an interesting development. Walmart has announced that it will be offering the new iPhones at a discounted cost, thereby fulfilling its brand promise of “Save Money. Live Better.”

How Walmart can do this in light of Apple’s insistence on never discounting its products is a subject of much media conjecture. Did Walmart strong-arm Apple into this? Is Walmart going rogue, knowing Apple won’t pull its phones? Or did the carriers get involved?

walmart_iphone3gWho is the boss? Walmart or Apple?

All I know is that once Apple decided it must attract a lower end of the market, the slippery slope led to this.

Once Apple allowed Walmart to sell its phones, the strategy began and led to this. More so, Apple introduced the 5C is as a fighter brand, meant to keep out the competition, but it is a sign that Apple is losing some of its brand luster.

I have long believed that the tech giant has the best brand in the world because having an Apple product made you feel like you were part of an exclusive club. That’s not as true any more.

After all, discounting its products is not Apple fulfilling its brand promise of Think Different.