The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company - A&PI was driving to the office this morning and heard on NPR that A&P (The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company) might not survive. The venerable supermarket chain survived the Great Depression but can’t seem to find enough customers and margins to survive the great recession.

That was a surprise to me, but the report stated that A&P has suffered through bad management since it was purchased some years ago by German ownership.

In other words, A&P needed to steal market share and increase its margins — the very expertise that Stealing Share, Inc. delivers to its customers everyday. Don’t think I did not try.

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P)

Back in July, we contacted the CEO, the Vice Chairman, the Chief Strategy Officer and the Senior VP of Marketing and communications. All we asked for was a meeting to tell them how we can help them.

We received no response and could find no interest in them meeting us. You see, in today’s business world, if you don’t steal market share or don’t think you have to, you are destined to go out of business. Don’t say I did not warn you.