When I first heard of Jeff Bezos’ lofty plan to add drones to Amazon’s delivery service, I flinched. But Amazone drones won’t be the first.

The whole drone delivery idea isn’t anything new. About a year back, Domino’s toyed with the idea of pizza delivery via drone. This seemed an absurd Jules Verne fantasy at the time, and probably why it barely made a dent in the news.

Yet, when Bezos makes a statement, plausibility comes into play. But he should bite his tongue before making a proclamation like this.

amazon drones won't be the firstAmazon drones won’t be the first

There’s no doubt that Amazon is one of the greatest brands in the world today. It’s my first stop for shopping of any kind and I am even a Prime member. Amazon gets shopping.

What Amazon lacks, however, is ingenuity, which is why I’m not buying into it leading the drone brigade. Bezos’ brand is good at taking what other companies pioneer and then making an Amazon version (e.g. the e-reader, the tablet, online content, original series, etc.). This is not to discredit Amazon, but its brand represents that of the crafty follower and not an ingenious leader. It’s safe.

So, maybe one day Amazon will be delivering your Christmas presents via drone. But my bet is that day probably won’t come until someone else has paved the way first.