Haven’t we seen enough of over-the-top adults dressed in stupid costumes? The next time I see a grown man dressed up and acting like a clown, I’ll send my cup of coffee sailing to the wall.

Granted, that is a bit extreme. But so are they when they appear in commercials.

Here in North Carolina, the NC Education Lottery airs an ad with a wild and crazy guy dressed up as an office calendar.

costumed manAds like these are an exaggerated form of the costumed creations of gold dealerships and tax shops. I immediately question the values of a company who hired these desperate folks every time I see as happy-go-lucky statue of liberty fanning a sign to encourage me to do my taxes, or a hokey pot of gold dancing in the streets.

You know, an insightful sign would suffice. A whack job trying to entice me inside freaks me out just a little.

As ads, these tactics worked well when they were new on the scene. Bill Cosby acting as tooth decay for Crest was brilliant. And I still laugh when I think of the Fruit of the Loom guys. There was a strategy behind those ads. Now, brands just want to get noticed, so the “hilarity” just becomes a gimmick.

It’s time to cut out the costume gimmick, people.