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Personal branding forms unbreakable bonds

Personal Branding Personal branding is the most overused and most misunderstood of all the branding jargon I come across in my job title (Brand Strategist). Luckily I have never been asked to work on a personal brand in my professional career. The whole idea of...

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Rebranding Do’s and Don’ts for marketers

Rebranding is an effort that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why, when the decision to rebrand is made, it should be completed with honesty and no holding back. Many don’t choose that route, however. Most rebranding is actually just a refreshing of a logo, holding...

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Cree LED lightbulbs have lost brand power

Cree LED lightbulbs. An Example of surrendering initiative. For Stealing Share, Cree LED lightbulbs is in our backyard. I follow the company because it is great to see a local company innovate and win. I remember a few short years ago, Cree was the darling of Wall...

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Department Store Rebranding: Mandatory

Why talk about department store rebranding? Because the department store market and the retail industry needs a complete reset (read a detailed market study of the entire retail category here). Department store chains are closing stores. Malls are empty, traffic is...

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A case study in rebranding: GlenGuard

The world of fire resistant (FR) fabrics is a complicated one because its providers have several audiences to reach. There are distributors and industrial laundries. There are the workers themselves. And then there are safety managers, the ones who often make the...

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Retail Market Study. A study of the retail space

A Retail Market Study of the Retail Space The Retail Market by Tom Dougherty This retail market study will look at the retail market as it stands today and the art of retail branding. We will look at the competitive positioning, brand promises, segmentation strategies...

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