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The unsuspected Play-Doh goldmine on YouTube

Here I go again, writing about Play-Doh.

As I wrote before, my little granddaughter loves the stuff. She loves it just as much as she does Kinetic Sand (you’ve got to check that stuff out) and anything having to do with Frozen and Tangled. She is a Play-Doh fanatic and would rather play with the four and salt concoction than just about anything. “Pop-Pop, want to play Play-Doh with me?” is my usual greeting when I stop in to see the grandkids.

One day, as my son told me, in an attempt to avoid another screening of Elsa and Anna, he went to YouTube. There, he typed in a few key terms on the search page, such as, “Play-Doh,” “Frozen” and “Kids.”

Play-Doh on YouTube is a treasure chest for parents of young children.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

The search turned up endless QVC-like videos of both adults and children testing the gooey products. In this case, the test was the toy clay with a Frozen theme.

Play-Doh benefits from user-generated videos.

I implore you to do this. Visit YouTube and type in, “FROZEN Elsa Play-Doh STOP MOTION.” Then take a look at how many views the video has.

That’s right, 130 million views.

And that’s just one video by the DCTC TOY Channel (the company that produced this particular video).

Or even better, look up “Play Doh Sparkle Princess” by the channel FunToyzCollector.

Yep, that video has 471 million views. May I add, the person behind this handle was YouTube’s highest earner in 2014, making over $5 million for opening toy packages on screen.

If FunToyzCollector is making that kind of money, just imagine what the manufacturer must be making off of it too — all for free.

Heck, maybe I’ll retire early and go into the YouTube business of opening toys on screen. It’s certainly worth a shot.

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