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Where is Sundance TV?

In this era of Peak TV, there’s almost too much quality television. Even when you hear about a great new show or are reminded that a favorite is returning, it’s hard to find the time to catch up with all the other fabulous programming on air.

It’s a good problem for viewers to have. Not so much for those networks farther down the TV channel listing, like those sitting in the hundreds, for example.

That’s the why the new campaign by Sundance TV is so interesting to me. The campaign, a series of ads featuring Weird Al Yankovic singing out the TV channel number for Sundance TV, is completely tactical. It doesn’t really reflect the brand of Sundance TV, originally built to showcase independent films. The spot is noisy and a bit obnoxious.

Which is just the right tone.

Sundance TV
Where to find Sundance TV?

To stand out among the sea of HBO, Netflix, Amazon, AMC and so many others, you have to scream louder than the rest to be heard if you are on channel 735 (as Sundance TV is on the Verizon FioS network).

What Sundance TV offers.

I have to admit. I’ve only tuned into Sundance TV occasionally. I saw the first season of The Returned, an eerie French drama, a few years ago and loved it. When I heard the second season was airing, I just never caught up to it. For the life of me, as a TV remote flipper, I never came across it again. (The show is coming to Netflix soon, though.)

I eagerly await the new season of Top of the Lake on Sundance, for instance, but I may forget about it amid all the other series I’m watching or planning to watch.

That’s where these Weird Al spots come in. They have a single purpose: To remind viewers that Sundance TV exists and where to find it. The network is using the spots to promote its new series, Hap and Leonard (starring Michael Kenneth Williams, always Omar to me from The Wire). I would like to check it out.

Now, where is Sundance TV on my dial?

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