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The jealousy of George Lucas

Everybody seems to enjoy Star Wars: The Force Awakens, including me.

I also loved A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

The Return of the Jedi, eh. You can take it or leave it. I was lost on the giant-sized Teddy Bears (the Ewoks) and the grotesque Jabba the Hutt.

As for the recent prequel films, you couldn’t pay me to sit through another ever again.

George Lucas
The dark side has reached George Lucas.

Considering these films, minus The Force Awakens, producer, director and writer extraordinaire George Lucas hasn’t exactly hit a home run for quite a while, has he?

Which was why I was perplexed over his jealous rant on Disney and the new Star Wars episode to Charlie Rose.

The words of George Lucas reek of jealousy.

Granted, Lucas has since apologized for calling Disney “white slavers” and for chastising the new film for being “too retro”and not about “story.” But stinging words like these can’t be forgotten.

George Lucas himself wasn’t the shining light of creative power after Jedi with the re-released versions of the classics that were speckled with unnecessary digitized creatures to the over-done work of the prequels.

In the end, Lucas sold his rights to the franchise over to Disney for billions of dollars, and it’s probably a good thing he did.

Ultimately, what irked me so much about Lucas’ diatribe was his inability to recognize his brand and his past blunders.

For Star Wars fans, George Lucas is an enigma, even though most of the movies he made were not all that great. He is the creator of fascinating worlds brimming with morality tales, mythology, and faith. The uber fans see Lucas as the hub for all of this creative brilliance — all the more reason to act better.

Yoda said it best: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” It surely seems like George Lucas is having a hard time letting go of what he is most afraid of losing. His precepts are all amuck and he could use a healthy dose of the “force”to get back to reality once again.

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