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Hulu Streaming Summer campaign misguided

I recently recently saw a handful of print ads I really dislike.

That’s not an exaggeration. The thinking behind these ads makes me cringe, and I have Hulu to thank for it.

Hulu Streaming SummerHere’s the gist of what made me sick.

The print ads, running in tandem with a series of TV spots, boast the heading: “Your Summer Now Streaming.”  Each includes a screen shot from a popular show available on Hulu plus a clever line of copy to accompany. For example, a character from the show Empire is dancing with the copy, “Beat the Heat. Drop the Beat” superimposed over her. Or an image of Kramer from Seinfeld searching for gold along a coastline with the copy, “Discover more this summer.”

Hulu Streaming SummerThe connotation of the Hulu streaming summer is what annoys me the most. The suggestion is that Hulu viewers are those who hide from the outside world and watch TV all day. While it might be true (we all binge on seasons), it isn’t a wise position to take because it’s not aspirational.

Hulu’s brand identity is all messed up. 

I’ve written extensively on the necessity of rebranding. It’s worth saying again that, “Brand must be a real and powerful emotional connection that causes the prospect and customer to notice, prefer and covet the brand. The target audience develops these attachments because the brand helps them reinforce their own self-identity. They only covet it because it is all about them.”

Hulu PlusNobody wants to be like the people these advertisement suggests they are, and nobody would ever care to admit they are that disconnected from the world around them, like these ads suggest.

The message is an idiotic one, that it’s a good thing to ignore the wondrous world around you. Instead, skip the great outdoors of Summer and watch TV instead.

One thought on “Hulu Streaming Summer campaign misguided

  1. I’m trying to bypass the block of hulu since i’m traveling. It says that I can’t watch. Arcvpn says it will work with them. But I don’t know. Do you have experience with services like this?

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