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GMC The Who is a misguided mix

GMC has a new campaign for its trucks.

This one is called “Precision” and it really bothers me on a couple of levels. First, I am not sure anyone really thinks of trucks as precise. As much as people love trucks, I doubt many would characterize them in that way. Masculine, tough and maybe even comfortable, but not precise.

Secondly, and much more glaring to me, is the use of the song Eminence Front by The Who. Someone who does not know what the song is about either chose the song or hoped that the target audience wouldn’t recognize it. The song is about hedonism, drugs and the wealthy who hide their problems using the before-mentioned drugs and sex.

That’s hardly appropriate for a GMC truck commercial about precision, unless GMC is targeting the wealthy who use drugs and sex to mask their problems. This GMC The Who ad is all kinds of wrong.

The brand problem of most automobile manufacturers.

As an outsider looking in, what the spot really demonstrates is a lack of caring for the GMC brand. I drive down the street all the time and see business signs with the lights out, a sure sign that they could care less about their brands.

This spot is the equal of that. GMC (and, actually, its ad agency) chose to care more about a great song with an iconic rhythm than about its brand and what that song means in context.

Sadly, this is the case with most automotive commercials anymore as they are just exercises in process without purpose. A constant rehash of themes, words, ad agencies and songs without any care for advancing the brands in any meaningful way.

I don’t believe that the GMC truck is precise and I sure hope GMC does not believe its truck to be an eminence front.

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