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Rebranding constantly. On the to-do list.

We live in a world where we see compressed time. In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, postulated in Moore’s Law that the speed of processors and the number of transistors on a computer chip will double every two years. He has been right ever since. To bad the idea of rebranding constantly has not been understood as a law in ensuring success.

rebranding constantly is a smart thing to doMarketers all know that the way in which we reach the target audience is changing and evolving even as I write this essay. Competition seems to come out of the woodwork and the markets in which we compete are in turmoil. The status quo means falling behind.

Keeping up with changes in the market and the seemingly insatiable demand for new and fresh communications in advertising causes brands to adjust and change their advertising at a much greater rate than just a few years ago. Even when companies like DirecTV, who seem to have an endless portfolio of advertising executions (like the Don’t be like this me Rob Lowe campaign), shelve the successful campaign before it is long in the tooth with a new campaign like Hannah and Her Horse.

The reason for this rapid change in executions and campaigns is because marketers realize that target audiences have the attention spans of a gnat and that brands have to constantly pump out new angles to keep their interest. Your prospects are simply overloaded with marketing messages and communication channels. But do they realize that constantly rebranding is a crucial element to ensure success?

So why is rebranding constantly not on everyone’s to-do list?

Mainly because of a blatant failure of my own branding industry to speak to what brand actually is. The branding goliaths of the world have always confused corporate identity (or identity in general) with brand equity.

Identity is who you are.

Brand is who the customer believe they are when they use or buy the brand. If I believed that brand was the same thing as your identity, I would not have a process to rebrand constantly either.

you should always be rebranding constantly
Rebranding constantly is the last piece of the puzzle

Brand must be a real and powerful emotional connection that causes the prospect and customer to notice, prefer and covet the brand. The target audience develops these attachments because the brand helps them reinforce their own self-identity. They only covet it because it is all about them.

We are in the persuasion business and we are in the business of rebranding constantly. We create equities that help the customer and prospect see themselves or a clear reflection of themselves in the brand itself. And, as we all know, those emotional underpinnings are changing quickly.

You might find it interesting to know that the world’s leading brand agency in persuasion (Stealing Share) only makes adjustments to logos and color palettes about 20% of the time. Most of our work is in adjusting the brand persona to more highly represent the values and beliefs of the target market so that the marketing messages and advertising has permission to say what they say.

If your goal is to increase your business and steal market share, constantly rebranding needs to be on your to-do list every two years. That is unless your idea of a branding expert is the traditional and misguided brand giants. They simply throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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