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Amazon Music, less is more

Today’s blog begins with a music search.

A few nights ago, I couldn’t fall asleep. As is usual on nights like these, I took refuge in my iPhone, hoping that looking over apps and reading a bit would make me drift off into sleep.

Sleep came, but not before I looked over two music apps on my phone: Spotify and Amazon Music. (I don’t think I need a third, which is why I’m not not going to spend the $20 a month for the new Tidal service.) Aside from the collection of music I had already imported into iTunes, Spotify has been my go to. The app literally has every album I could want, aside from The Beatles, which I have on iTunes anyhow.

Spotify and Amazon music

I’ve written quite a bit on my liking of Spotify over the years, but something in me changed on this sleepless night.

After looking over the new releases on Spotify, I became bored and, by chance, selected the Amazon Music app next.

Give Amazon Music a shot.
Give Amazon Music a shot.

The Amazon app really is nothing special, but in it holds a monumental truth. See, you can’t find everything you could possibly want, unlike Spotify, on the Amazon Music app. In fact, it offers you an interface for your uploaded music and a smattering of well-selected albums for free, offered through the Prime program.

Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the search for an album in an app that did not have unlimited resources. It reminded me of years ago when I would search for an album in the record store, hoping to find that gem amongst the stacks.

The more I looked at the offerings, the more I realized that Amazon’s selection wasn’t random, but well thought out. Enough to keep me satiated as a listener.

The process reminded me of my shopping experiences at Costco. There, you won’t find everything, but what you will find are carefully selected products you would most likely want.

There’s a lot to be said for a tailored selections. I appreciated my experience on Amazon Music so much that soon after I canceled my monthly membership to Spotify.

Less is more, and my experience with Spotify and Amazon Music reminded me of just that.

One thought on “Amazon Music, less is more

  1. Eddie Lampert has employed a shareholder first strategy since gaining control of Kmart and then Sears. Like most activist shareholders he failed to understand that customers must come first.

    His financial engineering may pay off someday but the value in those brands that has been destroyed far exceeds what he could have gained but for even modest investments in serving his customers.

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