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The Golden Globes proved that television has changed

Sunday’s Golden Globe ceremony cemented one thing: the changing face of television is resting comfortably in the lap of on-demand television networks.

I, not surprisingly, had been a skeptic of Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime’s in-house TV line-ups. At the onset, I thought it an interesting venture by the groups, but that each would ultimately strikeout. Nothing would rival HBO, right?

Boy was I wrong.

Get used to sights like this.
Get used to sights like this.

At first, the on-demand networks just couldn’t compete with the big boys. When I took a sampling of Netflix’ Lillyhammer and Amazon’s Alpha House, I was underwhelmed. It’s not that the shows were bad, just not great.

What a difference a few years can make.

Take Netflix’ House of Cards. The series is nothing short of masterful. Orange is the New Black isn’t far off, either.

Amazon’s foray into the medium is toe-to-toe with Netflix, too. Transparent, the story of a cross-dressing father, is both a tragic and comical look of an irreverent and suffering family. What’s more, Mozart in the Jungle, which was just released, may just be my favorite series of the year.

I was pleased when I caught wind of the winners of the Golden Globes television categories. The sea change had occurred.

Transparent is the best comedy series and has the best actor.

Kevin Spacey (even though I am still a little more in Matthew McConaughey corner) is entirely deserving of Best Actor in a Drama.

These few wins were historic for the changing face of television. It means faith in a new dynamic has taken root by the industry and has blossomed.

I am excited to see where this takes television next.

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