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Cards Against Humanity a case study in how to un-brand

The uniformity of Cards Against Humanity is a case study in clever. Usually, I rail against cleverness in brand building. But, in this case, what is being sold is cleverness itself. Witty and in your face best describes this edgy brand.

Cards Against Humanity regularly ridicules its customers, puts down its prospects and defaces any value other than the cleverness of its offering.

What does it offer? Well you can check out its web site for that, if you are of the mind. Personally, I would not care if it offered Bull Feces (oops, that is what it was selling a few days back). What it is really selling is a brand.

What it is selling is despite the point.
What it is selling is despite the point.

Off centered, unrelenting and self-confident silliness is its real product. Buy anything Cards Against Humanity sells and you can rest assured you will get a thank you email for the ages. It will tell you how pleased it is to take your money and what a fool you are for buying it.

What sets this brand apart is that Cards Against Humanity knows exactly whom it is for and leaves no stone unturned to reinforce that branding. It is the most politically incorrect web offering, rivaling the old Bill Maher show’s ownership of the same term on TV of years ago.

It seems that nothing is off limits here and the entire world of popular culture is fair game. Today’s headline, offering cyber Monday gift giving was: “You give us $15. We’ll send you ten mystery gifts for the ten days or whatever of Kwanzaa.”

If you think this winding brand road is easy, it is not. It takes an idea, dedication, and a real understanding of the target audience. By the way, the cow poop it was selling sold out in 20 minutes.

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