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Barnes & Noble is diluting its brand

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the closing of America’s bookstores has saddened me. Just like streaming music has killed the music store, e-books have sucked the life out of book stores. Barnes & Noble is diluting its brand. They are just selling too much stuff.

Save for a few indie shops, Barnes and Noble is still putting up the good fight. Yet, I can’t deny that its tactics seem a little too desperate for my taste.

Barnes & Noble is diluting its brand by selling too much stuff
Here’s what a Barnes and Noble store looks like anymore.

The thing is, the store appears to be more and more like Toys R Us. Anymore, half of the store is filled with kid’s toys: Legos, games, stuffed animals, figurines — you name it. It just feels so strange to me.

Is this what B&N has stooped to, to stay alive?

Even the chain kicking off Black Friday by offering 500,000 books signed by more 100 top authors reeks of a last-ditch push to get people in the doors. My hunch is that, unless customers can meet the author in person, a signed book just isn’t all that meaningful. The experience is what should be sold, not the signature.

Equally as prominent in its Black Friday ads, though, is this: “Educational Toys & Games — Buy 1, Get 1 50% off Offer on Barnes & Noble’s Leading Selection of Educational Toys & Games.”

it makes me wonder just what the Barnes and Noble’s brand is anymore?

Right now, the store is attempting to be the jack of all trades. The problem is that it is no longer a master of one.

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