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Converse finally sues copy cats

Converse finally realizes the design is also part of the brand.

Wow, finally.

The old-fashioned Chuck Taylor All Stars seem to be everywhere. I see them all the time on both kids and adults. In fact, the girl I sat next to on a flight yesterday had them on. At least I thought she did. As I let her out to deplane, I noticed that her shoes lacked the “All Stars” badge on the back of the heel.

Are these the real Chuck Taylors or not?
Are these the real Chuck Taylors or not?

I have seen them in Old Navy, H&M and even in Ralph Lauren, but they are not Chuck Taylors at all. They are store brand knock-offs and they’ve been around for quite some time. They are nearly identical in design and, being made of canvas, they are cheap to manufacture.

But why did it take so long for Converse to say, “Stop”? This is a good question and one that may ultimately doom their lawsuit. I wonder if the powers that be at Converse (or Nike, which owns Converse) thought that they didn’t have to protect the design because they weren’t the Chuck Taylor brand? What I guess Converse failed to realize earlier is that, in fashion, brand and design are one of the same.

Brands need to be protected and fought for as their value comes from their uniqueness. Otherwise, they become nothing more than a commodity. And Chuck Taylor’s may be just that.

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