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Google and the IRS. The IRS is better run.

I know this may sound funny comparing Google to the IRS, and even worse saying that the IRS is fairer. But, well, I have been on a Google rant as of late and I had to share this insight with you.

Both are monopolies. If you live is the US, you must file an income tax form with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year. If you are a business, anywhere in the world, you must be found and available on Google. Both enjoy a monopoly on those subject to their services.

IRSBut imagine if the IRS followed Google’s practices. The tax forms would read like this:

Everyone in the United States must file a tax return listing all of your income. We are not going to tell you our rules so it is up to you to decide what income is to be reported and how to figure deductions and withholdings. If you do anything wrong, you will know when we fine or imprison you. We are under no obligation to tell you what you have done wrong or how to correct it. You have no recourse, so please do the best you can to avoid catastrophic punishment like rendition.

Can you imagine? Dealing with a government agency that controlled your financial fate and held as its tenets that it is under no obligation to tell you how to fill out the forms or fix problems?

If you are a business owner who relies on Google for your web traffic (that would be everyone) that is exactly where you are today. Google can release a new algorithm tomorrow (like Panda or Penguin) and all of your work at making your web site important and vital will be gone in a click.

Google needs to be more transparent. The game it is playing with ranking and authority is not a fair or level playground. The goal posts move and Google does not believe you should know the new rules. As a matter of fact, they don’t want you to know.

At least with the IRS, there is little doubt and no hidden agendas.

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