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Taco Bell goes for it and brands with Ronald McDonald

There is something different and better about the new Taco Bell commercials from Deutsch. Those of you that follow my blog know that pigs must be flying to hear me say something positive about anyone’s TV commercials. For the most part, advertising today is overpopulated with inside-out branding and self-serving drivel. But that can’t be said of the new Taco Bell campaign. I did, however, believe the previous campaign was just garbage.

For those of you who have not seen it, the agency found dozens of people who are actually named “Ronald McDonald.” And guess what? Each of them professes a love for particular Taco bell menu offerings. The commercial tells you that some very special people prefer their foods over you-know-who’s food, and they are none other than Ronald McDonald – and even a father and son grouping named Ronald and Ronald Jr.

Taco Bell Ronald McDonaldThe campaign works because it positions Taco Bell against the giant in QSR restaurants and does so with aplomb. They do it in ways in which I doubt anyone figured upon. They do it with a BRAND message and not a product one.

Let’s face it, we all know about Taco Bell. It has chosen a unique color palette for its chain (featuring purple) and features a specialty food product almost Mexican (my apologies to its menu gurus). Do we eat there on a regular basis? Based upon share of market, the answer is no. So the brand was ripe for a new approach — done with the silly Chihuahua and the idiotic idea of Live Mas and the too clever “think outside the bun.” Now it is replaced by a new brand message that is deeper than food. Now it’s about me and you.

See, even though Duetsch prominently features the Taco bell product offerings, the real message is much more sublime and much more important. Suddenly, Taco Bell seems smart and adult.

It’s not the food I personally crave but it certainly fulfills my craving for brand — a brand that tells the world who I am and, because of that message, I covet it.

Who are the Taco Bell brand adherents? Suddenly they are smart, clever in thought and REAL. Good on you, Taco Bell. Don’t worry, most of your competition still thinks they are clowns, plastic Kings and former fatties.

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