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Servpro capitalizes on highest emotional intensity

orange-logo-as-JPG-largeAs I flipped through my favorite TV channels last night, an ad caught my attention. It was for a company called Servpro, a fire and water damage restoration company. In the rather simple ad, a mother was doing laundry in her basement with her child sitting quietly reading on the floor. The scene cuts to the same basement under about a foot and a half of water with a Servpro  employee using some kind of vacuum to suck up the water. Then the scene cuts again back to the same mom and her child and the voice over and overlaying graphic say, “Servpro – like it never happened.”

At Stealing Share, we talk a lot to our clients about highest emotional intensity.  That is, we look to identify the most highly emotional value in the market that reflects back on the self-identification of the customer.  Often, this is built on a negative intensity, or the fear of a bad  outcome. Or, it can be a positive intensity, where we look for an emotional way to talk about positive outcomes.

Servpro, appears to have capitalized on both positive and negative emotional intensities here. The fear of something really horrible happening and the positive of making this horrible event go away as much as possible (“Like it Never Happened). If I am unfortunate enough to have my home in a fire or flood after ensuring the safety of my family, I think my most emotional intensity would be for my home to be back as close to it was before the disaster.

From a positioning standpoint, Servpro owns a unique space. The vast majority of Servpro’s competitors talk about “Immediate Response” and “24-hour service” both of which are unemotional and prerequisites to be a fire and water damage restoration service. Servpro has claimed a strong position, one that is memorable and, more importantly, meaningful.

It is a sad commentary on the state of advertising and branding today that there are not more companies like Servpro that, at least from a messaging standpoint, understand the power of positioning and words. But it is nice to be able to compliment them when they get it right.

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