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Dell snaps into action and plans another failure.

Dell is trying to gain ground on Apple, no not the Mac laptops but, (and this is an odd thing to say), they hope to gain ground on Apple’s greatest competitive market — the iPod.

They would have better luck fighting in the PC market then against Apple’s juggernaut in the portable music business.

Dell stuff

Dell has lost its way as a brand and this is another example of it. To the customer, it does not mean high style, reliability, cool, or desirable — it means inexpensive.

Unlike the PC business, (where the purchase is almost obligatory) portable music players are discretionary purchases, and as such, are more brand driven then other categories.

It won’t take long for Dell to rethink, regroup and then bumble its way into yet another disaster.

That is after the dust settles from this debacle.

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