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Newspapers are losing readership

newspapers are losing readership




Newspapers are losing readership. So all the newspapers are worried about the loss of readership and resulting advertising revenue.

Check out how this is affecting Detroit.

But here is the real story. Rumor has it that we don’t need newspapers anymore because we all get our news online or from 24-hour news networks like CNN.

Newspapers are losing readership is broadcast the answer?

Right. When was the last time you saw anything resembling news from CNN, Fox or MSNBC? Maybe I’m a curmudgeon, but they’ve got nothing on what CBS News used to be in the Cronkite days.

As someone who believes brands should strive to represent their reality, CNN should changes its name to CGN — Cable Gossip Network. Fox should change its name to FAUX and MSNBC just needs to reverse a few letters to BSNBC.

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