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There is a right way to conduct research to grow your market share and a wrong way. Unless you are asking the right questions, your research will fail.

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Rebranding: A Market Study on Insurance Providers

Lack of meaning and an overabundance of humor has left little reason for consumers to choose an insurance provider.


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Retail Study Finds Apparel Retailers Facing Extinction

Stealing Share takes an in-depth look at the apparel retail market to assess what's working and what's not, while also recommending share-stealing strategies.



Contrary to what another brand agency will tell you, you do not build consumer preference and steal market share through value propositions, product benefits and best business practices alone. Everything starts with your brand. Therefore, the permission to be more important and preferred must be encapsulated in your brand meaning and equities.

If you believe in conventional wisdom and don’t believe preference begins with your brand, Stealing Share is not the company for you. Contact someone else.

However, if you need to steal market share from your competition, then you need a brand agency like Stealing Share. We are the only global branding company with that singular focus to win.


Unlike a run-of-the-mill brand agency, Stealing Share understands that customers prefer brands based on deep-seated emotional beliefs – not rational judgments such as price, quality and effectiveness. Customers choose by seeing themselves reflected in your brand identity and having that identity align with those powerful beliefs that drive human behavior. Stealing Share is the only branding company that does this. Everyone else is just an ad agency.

We uncover those deep-seated, customer beliefs with a proven process of delving into and modeling motivators. This process is proven to be cross-cultural and is indispensible in any culture, including developed markets, undeveloped markets, mature markets and immature markets. Stealing Share is the only branding company that can identify the important changes your brand and business need to adopt in order to win.

We do this through a combination of proprietary qualitative and quantitative research, competitive analysis, a critical strategic evaluation of your brand and an evaluation of the market you compete in. Stealing Share uncovers the motivators that drive preference and awareness. Once that motivational picture is complete, our brand agency experts empower your brand to steal market share. No other branding company does this. No other branding company knows how.


It's not enough to have a pretty logo or brand messages that promote product benefits. You can get that from any brand agency. You should demand more from a branding company.

A branding company like Stealing Share gives you single-minded brand positioning from which everything else flows, including sales training and market-changing and challenging decisions. Our brand consultants and brand strategists deliver actionable marketing strategies, clear brand messaging, elegant creative executions and a new brand mission all designed to steal market share.

Our proven scientific methodology delves into the fears and motivators that make audiences covet and switch to your brand. So powerful are these triggers that, once you own them, no one else can use them with legitimacy.

Our clients demand the tools and clarity of message. We are more than just a brand agency. We are a change agent.

Read on or call us for more information. An hour with us will change everything. ·