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Not all branding companies are the same. Fact is, you can’t build preference and steal market share through value propositions, product benefits and best business practices alone. Every one of your competitors claims them and other branding companies speak with cliche laden jargon. Stealing Share is a branding company that approaches the branding science in a different way.

Branding companies. Stealing Share is a different kind of branding company
Stealing Share is different from other branding companies

For us, everything you do begins and ends with your brand because that is where the relationship with your prospect begins.

The permission to be more important and more preferred starts in an emotional promise and then finds its flight in all of your equities; Your logo and mark, color palette, font choices and your theme line.

You can’t build preference and steal market share with a pretty logo, benign claims of excellence and a listing of best business practices alone. Every one of your competitors claims them.

All branding companies claim to deliver those brand equities but they do not possess the expertise to steal market share (read here how to go about critically choosing branding companies). There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there and lots of brand companies give you what you think you want and not what you need.

We are naked and blunt in our promise to you. The only reason to rebrand is to grow your share or increase your margins. Everything else is a waste of your money. However, if you need to steal market share and grow, we can help. We are the only global branding company with that singular focus.


  1. Are they experienced? Category experience often puts branding companies to the head of the list. But unlike advertising agencies, branding companies experience may be hard to evaluate. Ask the hard questions about how the brands they created have been successful. Ask if they have experience in rebranding. You want to make sure they are experienced in problem solving and when a company needs to rebrand, they have a problem to solve.
  2. Does the branding company ask you any tough questions? Finding a solution demands that you also understand the problem. Evaluate their questions. What they are curious to know is in indication of how they think. How they think is a strong indicator as to their strategic underpinnings. Some branding companies just don’t get it and confuse corporate identity with branding.
  3. Does the branding company’s prior work clearly convey the brand strategy? Ask them to explain the brand strategy clearly and simply. If the strategy is focused on the company rather than the prospect then you know they are a design firm and not worthy of you list of branding companies. If the strategy is designed to influence prospects AND retain customers, look for the meaning in everything they created. If you cant see the persuasive brand personality in the work, scratch them off your list.
  4. Ask how they arrived at the strategy? Great branding companies should be able to tell you how they got to the solution. Did they develop a model for choosing? Did they conduct projectable research? Was the research qualitative or quantitative? Great brand research should explore possible strategies. It is the end product of great strategic thinking and builds certainty for the strategy. If they don’t conduct research, scratch them off your list of branding companies too.
  5. Are the design elements on brand? Are they on strategy? You might be surprised how few branding companies can strategically defend their work. Have they created a theme-line that presents a valuable and memorable brand proposition in the emotional fabric of those it is intended to influence? Is the theme aspirational within the company culture? Does it ask the company to focus on a single powerful principle? If not, scratch them off your list of branding companies.


Other branding companies start with the status quo and tell you what they think you want to hear. We don’t. We challenge you.

We start by building a new position and meaning for your brand. The preferences of prospective customers are based on deep-seated emotional beliefs – not just rational judgments such as price, quality and effectiveness. So your message needs to be bigger than that. (Read here about when to rebrand)

The more prospects idenBranding companies are balancedtify with your brand’s position and meaning, the more powerful your appeal and the more urgently they seek you out. They will prefer you and pay a premium to buy what you sell.

Your meaning must be reflected in your symbols and equities, and your theme line must say something powerful. Not something about you and your company but about the potential customers that you need to influence.

You need to get prospects to change their mind and their behavior.  We know how to make that happen. Many branding companies just don’t.

This branding company focuses all of its energy on discovering and exploiting those emotional beliefs. We are the only brand company that does this. Everyone else is just an advertising agency.

Stealing Share has developed and honed a proven and replicable process of brand modeling that uncovers purchase motivators.

We have concrete ways to make these persuasive motivators visible and real to the prospect your brand needs to influence to ensure growth. Our branding process adapts effectively across cultures and works as well in developed, undeveloped, mature and immature markets. Our work has taken us all over the globe.

We promise to identify the most important changes you need to adopt and own in order to win.

In addition to our behavioral modeling, our branding process starts with a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, competitive analysis, a critical strategic evaluation of your positioning and an evaluation of your entire market. (Read more about our branding process here)

We uncover the key motivators that drive preference and awareness and we translate that persuasive power into everything you do and stand for.


You get much more than just a pretty logo or a message that promotes just a product benefit. We demand more and so should you.

You need a single-minded position from which everything else flows. We activate this position in every touch-point including design, sales training, market-changing strategies and challenging decisions.

We are aggressive and challenging to work with. Not everyone is comfortable with our straight-talking culture. If you do not need your brand to move the marketing needle and prefer to work with companies that might be willing to give you what you want instead of what you need, we have a list of branding companies that you might want to consider if we are too aggressive for your taste.

Our process model is different from other branding companies. We are an aggressive branding company
What is believed controls behavior

At Stealing Share, our strategists, researchers, consultants and designers deliver actionable marketing strategies, clear messaging, elegant creative executions and a new vibrant and clear brand position designed to steal market share. We get to the root of human behavior and change.

To accomplish this, we delve into the fears and motivators that make audiences covet and switch brands. These switching triggers are so powerful and clear that, once you own them, no one else can.

Read on or call us for more information. Or, as an introduction to our branding process, you can try out our web-based program that leads you through a step-by-step process in which you examine your brand project from fresh perspectives and develop a detailed action plan to tackle any issues head-on to ensure success.

We are experienced in many categories, including fast food restaurants,medical devices, insurance, destination and tourism, and many others. But do not choose based on our category experience.

Choosing the perfect branding company from the long list of branding companiesis never easy. One thing is for sure, Stealing Share needs to be on your list because we will have a different opinion.

Other branding companies claim experience and creativity. We claim expertise and Stealing Share has proof. We speak clearly to any brand that needs to grow market share. With offices in North Carolina and New York City we need to talk. Give us an hour of your time and we will prove that we change everything.

However, if you prefer old ideas and trusted old branding companies, we have provided you with links to three of the most venerable below. No need to worry about which one you choose, the process and answers will be pretty much the same.

Just remember to come back and get a second opinion on your brand problems. We promise to find ways to mold your brand into a juggernaut that moves the needle and steals market share. We are not for everybody, just those that do not fear change in the march to brand importance.

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